Audit Committee

The Chairman of the Audit Committee satisfied the requirements of clause 5.3.2 of the Corporate Governance Code. Prof. Dr. h. c. Roland Berger, Chairman of the Audit Committee, meets the required standards to qualify as a financial expert pursuant to Section 100 paragraph 5 of the German Stock Corporation Act. The Audit Committee’s function was, among other things, to prepare the Supervisory Board’s approval of the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, to draft the Supervisory Board’s proposal to the AGM on the appointment of the auditor for the financial statements, and to make a preliminary review of the proposal on the allocation of distributable profits. It also reviewed the quarterly reports before they were published, and – in consultation with the Management Board – engaged the auditor for the financial statements (and concluded the agreement on the auditor’s fees), determined the main focuses of the audit, and defined the auditor’s reporting duties in relation to the Supervisory Board of Fresenius SE. Other matters within its remit were, especially, the review of the Company’s risk management and control system, the auditing system, and compliance issues.

In 2010, the members of the Audit Committee were Prof. Dr. h. c. Roland Berger (Chairman), Roland Kölbl, Dr. Gerd Krick, Dr. Karl Schneider, and Rainer Stein.

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